12th Annual
Scooting the Ozarks Rally
September 9 - 14, 2019
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Hidden in the rolling Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a unique Victorian town. With trourism an important part of their economy, motorcycle and scooter riders are welcome. You will see "Motorcycle Friendly" on many of the hotel and business signs.

The twisting roads of the Ozark Mountains bring scooter riders back to Eureka Springs for STO year after year. There are lots of curves, beautiful scenery, and many of these roads have very little traffic.


ANYONE is welcome to post here ANY TIME. (No spam or foul language please.) Join us most Monday evenings at 8:30 (Central) for chats.
jim: Thanks Bill if we ever make it down then that will be the place to ride and there is a handy rest area Mingus. looks great. Jun 9, 2019 9:26:03 GMT -6
BurgyBill: Just let me know, Jim. You can PM me through here and I'd be happy to meet up with you two. Jun 10, 2019 17:39:07 GMT -6
spstools: How many would be interested in a slow-ride skills competition one day during the rally? I have an course idea (and Brenda has investigated locations?) for an event. Jun 14, 2019 14:15:13 GMT -6
jim: A slow ride competition that sounds fun count my awkward self in. Jun 16, 2019 5:46:03 GMT -6
Don K Otay: Hi I’m going to be just outside of Branson, Mo picking up a new to me Burgman 650 and was wondering what was going to be the best day to attend to meet other Burgman owners. Is there a schedule of events or rides ? Jul 10, 2019 17:42:48 GMT -6
jim: Hi Don like the page says the rally is from Sep 9 thru 14th, and it's an all inclusive rally even motorcycles. We don't discriminate but love to see folks learning and riding and just having a fun time together. There are many Burgman 650's in the group Jul 10, 2019 20:34:33 GMT -6
jim: Rides, yes I have been throwing some ideas together, We traditionally do a long ride on Thursday but last year the weather was excellent and pretty much every day we took a long ride. When we have enough scooters we might break up into small groups. Jul 10, 2019 20:37:46 GMT -6
jim: Maybe a ride for early in the week to show off some of the local/ northern points of interest. goo.gl/maps/YiywWc3XmoKWAfiF9 , then on Thursday maybe goo.gl/maps/ebs7YyPx9W72 Jul 10, 2019 20:41:06 GMT -6
jim: You seriously can't go wrong on any road in NW Arkansas I often tell folks new to the area to take Hwy 23 south to 16 East to 21 back north to 62 and west to eureka springs. those are the super highways it's good for about 5 hours or riding. Jul 10, 2019 20:45:18 GMT -6
jim: Whoo hoo it's only 2 months till rally time. Lets get those tires checked or replaced check the brake's replace the fluids, get the gear together and lets get ready to Party! Now is the time to order and check out the new farkles light's or whatever. Jul 10, 2019 20:49:22 GMT -6
Don K Otay: Do you know what day the official dinner is ? I wouldn’t want to miss a meal ;) I was hoping to meet the group that rides to Branson and ride back with them to Eureka Springs. Do you know who will be the ride leader for that ? Jul 11, 2019 6:16:55 GMT -6
Howly boy: I just purchased a 650 Bergman and should have know I would find a group on the net about Scooters. Any riders or groups in Mountain Home? Jul 12, 2019 14:27:46 GMT -6
razorbackredneck: Hey folks just a little update for the ones that's on here. Michele O'Brien is the new forum administrator. I'm sure will do a great job and probably may have some new ideas. Hope everybody is well. Stay safe safe out there. Jul 13, 2019 9:48:41 GMT -6
razorbackredneck: YOU CAN FIND IT UNDER RALLY PLANNING AND AGENDA 2019 Jul 13, 2019 10:00:11 GMT -6
Don K Otay: Thanks RazorbackRN. Thats what I needed . Jul 13, 2019 12:18:15 GMT -6
jim: Better and better! I can't wait to hit the twisty's. Jul 14, 2019 9:06:45 GMT -6
spstools: From looking at the AGENDA Wednesday morning looks like a good time to hold a slow ride skills competition. Winners to be announced with the Show&Shine results. Should I order the cones? Jul 15, 2019 15:30:44 GMT -6
Michele: Hello everyone, I will lead a differential short ride daily for anyone interested. These will be posted on a white board by the tables under the tents. Jul 17, 2019 18:26:16 GMT -6
Michele: I have a few cones I could bring. Plastic drink cups upside down would work too. Jul 17, 2019 18:29:23 GMT -6
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