You will find people at the STO Rally, and on our forum, very friendly and helpful. We often will have someone with a mechanical problem at the rally, and you will see several people offering help, lending tools, and giving expert advice.

Eighth Annual
Scooting the Ozarks Rally
September 9-12, 2015
Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Scooting the Ozarks is an all inclusive scooter enthusiast's group for scooters from Mopeds to Maxis and two strokes to four strokes. You and your scooter are most welcome here!

On our forum you will find the latest news regarding our upcoming Annual Rally in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Check out the rally information board in the forum or visit the links to the left.

Make yourself at home and introduce yourself in the "New Members Introductions" board once you have joined us. We are glad you found us! Enjoy the forum and have fun at our upcoming rally!


The twisting roads of the Ozark Mountains bring scooter riders back to Eureka Springs for STO year after year. There are lots of curves, beautiful scenery, and many of these roads have very little traffic.

View the twisties...helmet cam photos by dacooks (Tim)
I am so lucky to be able to live among these twisties.   Maybe these "behind the handlebars" shots can help you remember the great views (and skies!) we all shared on our rides at STO this year.    I'll post a link to my regular camera shots later.

Click HERE for a slideshow of more pictures. 


Hidden in the rolling Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a unique Victorian town. With trourism an important part of their economy, motorcycle and scooter riders are welcome in Eureka Springs. You will see "Motorcycle Friendly" on many of the hotel and business signs.



ANYONE is welcome to post here ANY TIME. (No spam or foul language please.) Join us for "Shoutbox Discussion" Monday evenings at 8:30 (Central Daylight Time).
Cubey: Odds are it wold be a bad idea to send a rally full of riders through a landslide prone area that's not even fully open. unless things improve drastically in the next month Jul 25, 2015 11:39:21 GMT -6
Cubey: but maybe that's just me Jul 25, 2015 11:39:30 GMT -6
Tressa: The site for the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department does not list that area as a construction zone. There is a page on the site where you can send an email to ask questions, so I've asked for info Jul 25, 2015 15:29:56 GMT -6
Tressa: Since it is the weekend, I don't really expect a response until next week sometime. I will post their reply. Jul 25, 2015 15:31:02 GMT -6
twtybd: Tressa I need to talk to you about my registration. If you could please give me a call tomorrow afternoon I sure would appreciate it. My number is ****. I broke my left big toe and will not be able to make the rally. Linda Turgeon Jul 26, 2015 18:06:42 GMT -6 *
Tressa: twtybd, Lance handles registration. I'll pass your message on to him. Jul 26, 2015 20:43:46 GMT -6
Tressa: twtybd, after forwarding your number to Lance,I removed it to protect your privacy. Jul 26, 2015 20:57:17 GMT -6
Tressa: Reply from AHTD when I asked if repairs to highway 23 would be completed before September: "No. The road should re-open by October 30th." Jul 27, 2015 11:55:37 GMT -6 *
Tressa: Chat this evening, 8:30 CDT. Jul 27, 2015 11:55:49 GMT -6
Cubey: yo Jul 27, 2015 18:06:26 GMT -6
Tressa: Good evening. Jul 27, 2015 19:30:15 GMT -6
Cubey: hello Jul 27, 2015 19:43:20 GMT -6
Cubey: silly chat likes to NOT update sometimes Jul 27, 2015 19:43:27 GMT -6
Cubey: been sitting here for an hour and a half and it didnt update Jul 27, 2015 19:43:53 GMT -6
Cubey: I guess it didn't for you either Jul 27, 2015 20:11:39 GMT -6
Cubey: Oh well........... guess I won't bother trying to show up for chat, lol Jul 27, 2015 20:20:21 GMT -6
Tressa: Cubey, check out the thread here for an explanation of why the Shoutbox did not refresh for you. Jul 27, 2015 20:44:12 GMT -6
Tressa: I was on the forum at 8:30, and moving around from one page to another for around 15 minutes. Jul 27, 2015 20:49:26 GMT -6
Cubey: Yeah, I saw you as "online" and was talking here, and i stayed for an extra hour or so beyond when you said hello Jul 28, 2015 10:53:12 GMT -6
Cubey: so, i was talking while you were on the forum but it wasn't updating for you either aparently Jul 28, 2015 10:53:37 GMT -6
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