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razorbackredneck: We'll have an agenda of things to do for each day. Jul 19, 2020 20:39:54 GMT -6
razorbackredneck: For STO 2021. Everyone stay safe. Jul 19, 2020 20:41:01 GMT -6
jim: Hey back TR8TR We are still deciding about the route to and from the rally this year we might head over to Elephant rocks state park, then Mammoth springs, then over to Eureka Springs. or possibly down to Wilhelmina for a night, Mt.Magazine park then EK. Jul 20, 2020 19:27:38 GMT -6
jim: Or we may just ride straight down on Sunday evening. Who knows We will have to make our minds up by the first of September to alter the room reservations we have a room booked from Sep 13-19. Jul 20, 2020 19:29:21 GMT -6
jim: Planning a 3 day ride down to Eureka Springs with Marla and a friend. July 31st. thru? The weather looks pretty OK for Friday night- Tuesday or Wednesday. We did a 200 mile trip this weekend and it was nice but short. our friend has a new spider. Jul 27, 2020 4:37:55 GMT -6
Haskell Sheeks: Thank you for the information. I haven’t checked here in a couple weeks. Looking forward to next year. Aug 2, 2020 19:29:17 GMT -6
Bob Reinhardt. - Scooter 2:
Barb Anthon contacted me and said our friend and Scoot-Tours member Phyllis Huggett passed away on July 17 after a long illness.
Both Phyllis and Barb attended many Scootercade rallies.
I know Barb is devastated after the loss of her good friend. I’
Aug 9, 2020 12:13:19 GMT -6
TR8TR: Hello all scooterer's and scooteretter's. A prior to Eureka weekend if you want to have some dirt thrown at you. Odessa, MO on Sept 11th and 12th World of Outlaws sprint cars. Then 240 miles to Eureka Springs on Sunday. Aug 16, 2020 12:42:39 GMT -6
jim: Hey gang we took a little trip down and met Brenda and Mary for dinner, We ended up staying a few days and the whole area was pretty busy in fact I have never seen a no vacancy sign on the Host hotel door like August 2nd. there is a new place to eat BBQ. Aug 20, 2020 18:17:26 GMT -6
jim: The Golden gate bridge in Beaver has a new BBQ I picked up a menu shoot me an PM and I will e-mail it to you. I'm thinking about a 3 day trip on Sep 14,15,16. this STO well semi STO. Hope everyone is well and can't wait to see ya. Aug 20, 2020 18:19:46 GMT -6
jim: TR8TR I took a quick look and Odessa is just the wrong direction for me. but it sounds great nothing like a little engine noise to get your motor running! Aug 20, 2020 18:22:11 GMT -6
TR8TR: Jim I ran up to Pevely, MO for Aug 7th race. Yeah great fun and free to camp at the track. I think there's camping at Odessa too. Aug 21, 2020 5:59:58 GMT -6
QuasiMotard: Howdy, all! I'm planning to meet TR8TR somewhere in AR and then up to Odessa for the sprint car races on 9/11-12. Would love to meet other STO'ers if anyone is still planning to ride Eureka! Aug 29, 2020 9:46:29 GMT -6
TR8TR: Getting close now I can almost taste the bugs on my windscreen...I'm out the door on the 8th for Odessa, MO the following weekend and down to Eureka on Sunday. If the butt holds out I'll be smiling if it develops a crack along the way alcohol will cure. Sept 4, 2020 17:22:41 GMT -6
David: we still meet up at the hotel for the rides? Sept 8, 2020 14:38:39 GMT -6
Scooter: Tom ..Is show and shine still on for Sept 19 Sept 10, 2020 17:36:21 GMT -6
jim: Hey folks I am not going to make it after all, the new house is needing my attention now and getting things moved in. I hope to see everyone soon. Jim Sept 11, 2020 6:18:42 GMT -6
TR8TR: Great fun and back home. 12 to 15 showed. We rode, we ate, we told stories and fables. We should do this more often. Sept 24, 2020 18:08:54 GMT -6
Haskell Sheeks: Who is the current contact person for STO? Sept 25, 2020 7:40:18 GMT -6
TR8TR: I tried to confirm who was steering the event at the ride meet. Was told two different people by both of those people. It will be sorted though. Sept 27, 2020 9:23:53 GMT -6
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