Scooting the Ozarks 2012

16th Annual
Scooting the Ozarks Rally
September 9 - 14, 2024
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Registration opens March 1,2024

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Hidden in the rolling Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a unique Victorian town. With trourism an important part of their economy, motorcycle and scooter riders are welcome. You will see "Motorcycle Friendly" on many of the hotel and business signs.

The twisting roads of the Ozark Mountains bring scooter riders back to Eureka Springs for STO year after year. There are lots of curves, beautiful scenery, and many of these roads have very little traffic.

Scooting the Ozarks 2022


ANYONE is welcome to post here ANY TIME. (No spam or foul language please.) Join us most Monday evenings at 8:30 (Central) for chats.
cajuncowboy: Okay. No problem. See you in Eureka soon! Sept 9, 2023 22:32:47 GMT -6 *
cajuncowboy: Hey TR8TR I'm pulling out a little earlier than planned. Should make Hatfield between between 8am and 9am. Sept 9, 2023 23:11:39 GMT -6
amandasray: Hoping to join the 'Eureka Springs Tour' on Friday and the Galena Y Bridge on Saturday (pending additional rides). Do I need to sign up somewhere or just wait for additional departure information on Facebook? Sept 10, 2023 19:19:23 GMT -6
JD: Sign-up books are at registration and will be available under the parking lot tent throughout the week. Sept 11, 2023 15:14:13 GMT -6
cajuncowboy: Are the runs to Cycle Gear (Rogers) still on for this morning (Tuesday) or have they been postponed/delayed due to rain? Sept 12, 2023 6:54:21 GMT -6
cajuncowboy: It's been fun but the salty mines are calling. Many thanks to organizers and ride leaders for making STO an enjoyable experience this year. See yall again next year! Be safe going home! God bless... ??? Sept 15, 2023 5:31:18 GMT -6 *
jherbig: Thank you for such a great event! Jarad and I had a really great time meeting everyone and riding together with different groups. Hope all are safe on your travels home and we will see you again next year! Sept 16, 2023 4:32:46 GMT -6
sollo: Back home way too soon. Had a blast. Thanks to all those who worked so hard to put this on again this year. Looking forward to coming back again, Paul and Bonnie. Sept 16, 2023 19:54:59 GMT -6
spstools: Back home. Now to prep for that cruise. Sept 19, 2023 16:13:18 GMT -6
spstools: I had a wonderful time. Folks did a great job setting up this year. Looking forward to next year already. ;-) Sept 19, 2023 16:15:58 GMT -6
uturn: Arrived home safe Monday about 2:00pm. Enjoyed the good roads and great fellowship. Meeting old friends and new riders is always a pleasure. Monthly Newsletters will resume once we get through the holiday season. Time to start preparing for 2024 :) 8-| Sept 20, 2023 7:22:04 GMT -6
Craig: Oh look out! Roy is planning to be a ride leader again next year on roads we haven't seen before. 2024 may well be an interesting Rally, knowing Roy's knowledge of the area. Sept 23, 2023 22:22:52 GMT -6
uturn: Happy Birthday bigussmith! :) :-/ Sept 29, 2023 5:46:39 GMT -6
uturn: Opps, bigusmith....sorry :( Sept 29, 2023 5:47:20 GMT -6
sonuvabug: Thanks for posting the 2024 STO Rally dates. Sept 29, 2023 9:48:42 GMT -6
uturn: No problem. Once the weather turns I'll be working on some website house keeping and start posting 2024 plans as they develop. Ride Safe! :) Sept 30, 2023 5:08:10 GMT -6
uturn: Happy birthday aladinbama! :) :-/ Oct 6, 2023 5:19:40 GMT -6
uturn: Happy birthday Haskell! :) :-/ Oct 8, 2023 5:08:25 GMT -6
uturn: Happy Birthday donald! :-/ :) Nov 30, 2023 6:09:38 GMT -6
uturn: Happy Birthday superhero150! :) :-/ Dec 1, 2023 6:30:52 GMT -6
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