Scooting the Ozarks 2012

15th Annual
Scooting the Ozarks Rally
September 11 - 16, 2023
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Hidden in the rolling Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a unique Victorian town. With trourism an important part of their economy, motorcycle and scooter riders are welcome. You will see "Motorcycle Friendly" on many of the hotel and business signs.

The twisting roads of the Ozark Mountains bring scooter riders back to Eureka Springs for STO year after year. There are lots of curves, beautiful scenery, and many of these roads have very little traffic.


ANYONE is welcome to post here ANY TIME. (No spam or foul language please.) Join us most Monday evenings at 8:30 (Central) for chats.
steveb: I thought I was a member, I have a username (steveb) and a password. Aug 28, 2022 20:35:45 GMT -6
steveb: sollo: We were going to go through Hot Springs for a second enroute overnight, arriving on the 12th, but may go up through Broken Bow to arrive on the 11th. Idabel would be a good meet-up if we go that way. When will you be riding up? Aug 28, 2022 21:00:57 GMT -6
uturn: Hey steveb! Log-in with your member name and password and try again. If the website still considers you a guest I will e-mail the Agenda to you personally. Let me know how it works out. :) Aug 29, 2022 7:56:56 GMT -6
bobtrb: Perhaps the GPX files are not posted yet, but if they are, I can't find them. I looked in the PDF about how to use the maps but didn't see any info about where they can be found. I'll keep an eye out for more info. Aug 29, 2022 11:42:29 GMT -6
JD: The GPX files were posted about a month ago in a not-so-cryptic location called "2022 Routes." 😁 They're all still there, listed by route. Aug 29, 2022 13:52:28 GMT -6 *
easttexasdavidan400: Hey you STO veterans: I was hoping to Tent Camp at the STO 2022. It seems the 'host campground' forbids such. I did see the Local Eureka Springs City Park, and the KOA and the 'Kettle Campground' as options. Have you veterans tent camped / planning to ? Aug 29, 2022 14:38:24 GMT -6
easttexasdavidan400: I'd appreciate any input. Doing the hotel thing just seems so darn conventional. I've got good camping gear and the weather should be perfect - unless we get rained out. I will check the long term forecast. Anyone else up to Tent Camp ? Thx David Aug 29, 2022 14:40:04 GMT -6
tanglewood: I might be interested in tent camping. If I can make it to the rally. Let me know if you find a good camping place. Aug 30, 2022 5:55:58 GMT -6
uturn: I've seen past Rally attendees camp at Kettle Campgrounds and KOA. Both are a good choice from the feedback I have received. :) Aug 30, 2022 7:42:43 GMT -6
TR8TR: I have stayed at the Kettle campground many times. They are better for a tent as the host camp is oriented towards RV's with little shade. Kettle has a pool, laundry, fire wood and the shuttle bus does a turn around there. If you want to out of town camp. Aug 31, 2022 21:39:01 GMT -6
TR8TR: There's several campgrounds out by the dam on 187 loop, one in Beaver by the bridge. Aug 31, 2022 21:40:44 GMT -6
towdawg78: Idk what I'm missing but I am trying to find the registration link for the rally. Sept 6, 2022 8:52:43 GMT -6
TR8TR: towdawg78 A short week to go. There's no fee this year just pack it up and run for Eureka Springs. Sept 6, 2022 18:08:29 GMT -6
uturn: towdawg78, click on the Forum link at the top of the Home Page. You will see the 2022 Rally as the first category, Rally Registration Form is second thread from the top. Hope this helps! :) Sept 7, 2022 6:18:18 GMT -6
dodieconnor: thanks! Sept 7, 2022 12:23:54 GMT -6
dodieconnor: I may Not be able to be there till thursday, can i still join if I am not there to register on Monday? I will be staying with a friend in Pea Ridge Sept 7, 2022 12:28:24 GMT -6
uturn: Yes you can, there will be many flowing in and out of the group though out the week according to their personal schedules :) Sept 8, 2022 6:08:42 GMT -6
steveb: We’re coming up from Hot Springs, planning on 314 to Danville. Does anyone know how the cell phone coverage is on that route? Sept 9, 2022 8:50:20 GMT -6
ezmark: My wife and I would like to go on the Friday Oark long ride. We won't be at the rally until Wednesday night. Could you sign us up? Sept 12, 2022 17:14:17 GMT -6
uturn: ezmark, 1 bike or 2? Sept 13, 2022 5:06:39 GMT -6
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