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Tressa: Jim, how are the knee and shoulder coming along? Jan 15, 2018 20:42:59 GMT -6
jim: The knee is coming along slower than I want but? and the shoulder well we skipped the surgery and just started to do phys therapy. before the insurance ran out. looks like I'm on my own this year... did my daily reps an hour ago. Jan 15, 2018 20:47:16 GMT -6
jim: acvw74 we will have to get out and ride this spring. do you ride with any local groups? Jan 15, 2018 20:49:03 GMT -6
acvw74: Jim, I hope it works...any improvements yet? Jan 15, 2018 20:49:09 GMT -6
acvw74: Jim, I haven't found any yet Jan 15, 2018 20:49:40 GMT -6
Tressa: Kinda scary going without insurance. Mine may not be much, but I have some through the marketplace. Jan 15, 2018 20:50:18 GMT -6
acvw74: Tressa, Agreed! and it is expensive. Jan 15, 2018 20:51:24 GMT -6
jim: The shoulder is pretty OK just weak and we are working on strength. I have as much insurance as Walmart will allow Jet to have which is pretty much catastrophic level. Jan 15, 2018 20:51:43 GMT -6
jim: After I pay for the first 6000 then they will match the next 6250 at 25% then after 13,500 it covers everything.. all for only 250 every two weeks. Jan 15, 2018 20:53:12 GMT -6
acvw74: Ouch! Jan 15, 2018 20:53:58 GMT -6
jim: Just more reason to ride and forget about life's issues Jan 15, 2018 20:54:40 GMT -6
acvw74: Wind Therapy Jan 15, 2018 20:55:00 GMT -6
jim: Oh yeah! twisty roads, hilly roads, new sights and lots of up time! Jan 15, 2018 20:55:55 GMT -6
acvw74: I can't wait till spring! Jan 15, 2018 20:56:53 GMT -6
jim: Check out KC scooter riders on facebook or the original chrome nasty, or scooter raving mad. all KC area groups on facebook. Jan 15, 2018 20:58:25 GMT -6
jim: Good visit everyone, Roy's daughter was in a fender bender and her 8 month old was injured, broken femur. both are on the mend but i am sure Roy would appreciate prayers for them both. time to head for bed see ya next week! Jan 15, 2018 21:01:18 GMT -6
acvw74: It wasn't till last summer that I had a big enough bike to get down there...but I will, hopefully one close. Jan 15, 2018 21:02:16 GMT -6
acvw74: Thoughts and Prayers! Jan 15, 2018 21:03:07 GMT -6
acvw74: Goodnight everyone, catch you next week Jan 15, 2018 21:04:54 GMT -6
Tressa: G'night Jim. I've read about Roy's daughter and grandson. Hope they get better soon. Looks like the snow is about to get here. No telling what it will look like here in the morning. I'll say g'night as well. Jan 15, 2018 21:05:36 GMT -6
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