TRADE 2008 SunL 250cc For 250cc Helix


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Tressa: Is that how long it will be when you post it? Oct 13, 2014 19:58:11 GMT -6
Craig: The parade video is 27 minutes long. I'm trying to cut it down without losing to much. Oct 13, 2014 19:58:35 GMT -6
Craig: I'm hoping to get it down to 10-15 minutes. Oct 13, 2014 19:59:37 GMT -6
Tressa: did you make one showing the Show N Shine winners this year? Oct 13, 2014 19:59:44 GMT -6
Craig: I did. In fact I have pictures and saved the list of winners. I also have video of the bikes and some of the owners too. Oct 13, 2014 20:02:35 GMT -6
Tressa: Once the date is set for the next rally, I want to make a new home page with new photos and, hopefully, videos using this year's artwork. I might have to use stuff from previous years, too. Oct 13, 2014 20:02:38 GMT -6
Craig: That would be cool. If you need some video footage feel free to use any of my stuff. Oct 13, 2014 20:04:43 GMT -6
Tressa: Thanks, I may do that. Oct 13, 2014 20:05:24 GMT -6
Craig: But I must tell you that my You Tube Channel has been shut down. A last straw issue. Oct 13, 2014 20:05:58 GMT -6
Craig: My STO videos are still up on Dailymotion and Vimeo. Oct 13, 2014 20:07:19 GMT -6
Tressa: I'll look for them there then. Need to get off here now. Been great chatting with you. Have a good week. G'night. Oct 13, 2014 20:08:06 GMT -6
Craig: Good night, Tressa. Oct 13, 2014 20:08:35 GMT -6
razorbackredneck: LOL Tressa I like your idea of blocking the door next year to get more survey results in. I'm giving it til this Sunday 10/19/2014. To end the wait for survey's. I should have next year's dates lined out by Monday or Tuesday. I''ll wait and see if there Oct 15, 2014 19:38:28 GMT -6
razorbackredneck: are last minute down to the wire results come in. After Sunday, well...... Oct 15, 2014 19:39:44 GMT -6
Tressa: Good evening. Oct 20, 2014 19:31:39 GMT -6
Tressa: Have a good week. Oct 20, 2014 19:42:07 GMT -6
razorbackredneck: STO 2015 DATES: SEPTEMBER 9TH-12TH. Out of the 12 survey's that responded 10 out of 12 voted September. So that's what we will go with. Unless something major happens. Patsy has given the ok. Thanks!! Oct 21, 2014 10:41:26 GMT -6
Tressa: Good evening. Oct 27, 2014 19:32:16 GMT -6
Tressa: If you haven't seen Craig's post and videos about the 2014 STO rally, you should check them out. link Oct 27, 2014 19:38:05 GMT -6
Tressa: Guess there's nobody wanting to chat this evening. Have a great week everyone. Oct 27, 2014 19:39:36 GMT -6
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