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Craig: Is there an Xciting group somewhere? Apr 13, 2015 20:22:36 GMT -6
bandito2: Not that I know of off hand.. but there might be a KYMCO group or several other scooter sites will have "Big scooter" sections or possibly KYMCO sub forums Apr 13, 2015 20:24:34 GMT -6
Craig: No they never asked for any information other than my email an alternate email and a promise to play nice. Apr 13, 2015 20:29:13 GMT -6
bandito2: I'm trying the full name search to see if something shows up in a white pages search.... well, I'll try... not quite sure how that all works Apr 13, 2015 20:33:12 GMT -6
bandito2: Some places want $ to give info about searches.... still looking... some show one in southfiled... looking more Apr 13, 2015 20:39:04 GMT -6
Craig: I just googled his name and found obituaries for people with the same name in other states. Apr 13, 2015 20:39:54 GMT -6
bandito2: Yeah, I'm looking at one of those too... do you happen to know how old he was? ... I didn't see anything like that in MMS site searches yet because I haven't looked at every one of them...just some Apr 13, 2015 20:41:39 GMT -6
Craig: No, I have no idea how old he is. Apr 13, 2015 20:43:23 GMT -6
bandito2: I'm not finding much more.... Apr 13, 2015 20:48:08 GMT -6
Craig: Nor am I Apr 13, 2015 20:48:39 GMT -6
bandito2: You going to try the email ? Apr 13, 2015 20:49:40 GMT -6 *
Craig: This is madness Apr 13, 2015 20:56:20 GMT -6
Craig: I just tried a hotmail address and I'll try that one too Apr 13, 2015 20:58:44 GMT -6
bandito2: ME too... getting bleary eyed looking through a gazillion Carl B S facebook references... I'm not a member so searching is limited there Apr 13, 2015 21:00:16 GMT -6
bandito2: I guess we could try going down the list of MMS members and send them a PM asking if any of them know ANYTHING about him or how he might be contacted... Anybody who may have actually met with him at some point. Apr 13, 2015 21:04:12 GMT -6 *
bandito2: Well Craig, I'm going to give up for a while and get some sleep... let me know if anything pans out.. I'll do likewise and let you know if I come across anything useful. Apr 13, 2015 21:08:37 GMT -6
Craig: Yeah, take care. Apr 13, 2015 21:10:59 GMT -6
jim: Hey kids I'm late , try this site. it's probably the most popular one for the larger scoots. Apr 14, 2015 1:38:53 GMT -6
Craig : Thanks, Jim, I'll give it a try. Apr 14, 2015 18:36:12 GMT -6
Tressa: Good evening. Apr 20, 2015 19:30:26 GMT -6
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