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Craig: Let me go back and see who's on the guest list. Nov 24, 2014 21:46:57 GMT -6 *
bandito2: Thought Cleveland show was in Feb? Nov 24, 2014 21:50:01 GMT -6
bandito2: No celebs announced yet Nov 24, 2014 21:53:13 GMT -6
Craig: Yes sort of; January 30 & 31 and February 1 are the dates listed. Nov 24, 2014 21:53:27 GMT -6
bandito2: Yeah, just went back and noticed that.... so I was rightish. They will have slot cars though... Nov 24, 2014 21:54:31 GMT -6 *
Craig: I wonder if they just wing it for celebrity guests. Nov 24, 2014 21:56:56 GMT -6
Craig: I'd think these things were booked months in advance, but maybe not.... Nov 24, 2014 21:58:29 GMT -6 *
bandito2: Probably... anybody they could get for cheap to free or like the Galaxy Quest "NSEA Protector" crew, any gig is better than nothing. Nov 24, 2014 22:01:13 GMT -6
Craig: I just checked the Chicago show, and there's no list of guests there either. Nov 24, 2014 22:05:18 GMT -6
Craig: More and more, I'm getting the feeling the these events have gone to commercial and forgotten there roots. Nov 24, 2014 22:12:08 GMT -6
bandito2: Yeah, that's too bad.... Don't think that'll happen to the Spring tune up & BBQ though Nov 24, 2014 22:19:45 GMT -6 *
bandito2: Looking to find that list of MC events in MI & OH again to look for events that may be closer Nov 24, 2014 22:26:18 GMT -6
Craig: You shouldn't have to worry about the Spring Tune Up & BBQ, until we are all sitting around talking about how the dealers fixed our bikes, but by then it's to late anyway. Nov 24, 2014 22:29:20 GMT -6
bandito2: LOL! Nov 24, 2014 22:30:29 GMT -6
bandito2: Last time I tried to get a couple other folks over.... 150cc and less kind of guys, but no takers. Been trying to get dialog going on forums with a lot of those folks... often junk Chinese scooter riders, but hey it's 2 wheels Nov 24, 2014 22:35:02 GMT -6 *
Craig: Well, if you find out Lois Pryce, or someone like her, is going to be at one of the m/c shows, let me know. That's the only reason I'd drive so far. In the mean time, I shutting down for tonight. Take care, Mike. Nov 24, 2014 22:36:57 GMT -6
bandito2: OK later Nov 24, 2014 22:37:34 GMT -6
Tressa: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Nov 27, 2014 6:01:10 GMT -6
jim: Indeed everyone enjoy a day of giving thanks and of course spending time with family and friends and Turkey lots of turkey! Nov 27, 2014 6:10:06 GMT -6
bandito2: Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Nov 27, 2014 15:19:27 GMT -6
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