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bandito2: Like this? Aug 31, 2015 20:43:49 GMT -6
Tressa: Gonna say g'night. If we don't chat next Monday, (and even if we do chat) have a safe ride next week, Craig. Aug 31, 2015 20:44:30 GMT -6
bandito2: G'night Tressa Aug 31, 2015 20:45:32 GMT -6
Craig: Thanks, Tressa. Good night. Aug 31, 2015 20:48:32 GMT -6
bandito2: Shark proof gear is probably not available at the Honda shop. Stopping for a drive belt change could be a problem too. Not to mention the next fuel stop is a bit of a ride away. Aug 31, 2015 20:55:07 GMT -6 *
Craig: Honda shops rarely have Honda stuff. Aug 31, 2015 20:58:04 GMT -6
Craig: Go figure. Aug 31, 2015 20:58:12 GMT -6
bandito2: Just Hondas on the hoof Aug 31, 2015 20:58:34 GMT -6
Craig: I could not find the spray polish this year, and I hit a bunch of places. Aug 31, 2015 20:59:40 GMT -6
Craig: Nicholsens is gone. They have been replaced by Free Ride Powersports, a Yamaha dealer. Honda is a bad word in there now, but it still has Honda on the sign out front. Aug 31, 2015 21:02:02 GMT -6
bandito2: fleabay has spray polish, but even there it ain't cheap Aug 31, 2015 21:03:00 GMT -6
Craig: Yeah, I saw those, but it's to close to departure time. I took an alternate this year and went with Cafe Press. Not cheap, but It works for me. Aug 31, 2015 21:05:14 GMT -6 *
Craig: You know, I thought for sure that it would be hopping this week in the chat box. Aug 31, 2015 21:12:53 GMT -6
bandito2: I kind of thought so too. That is why I'm here tonight.... I sent you an email Aug 31, 2015 21:15:59 GMT -6
Craig: I got it. Answer on the way. Aug 31, 2015 21:20:05 GMT -6
Craig: Well, I'd set a meet up time, but sinceI won't be wearing a watch Monday, I'd be late anyway. Aug 31, 2015 21:21:58 GMT -6 *
Craig: Well, it's time for good little technicians to get to sleep, but since I'm not a good little technician, I'll hang around until I drop off into my nightly coma. Aug 31, 2015 21:33:33 GMT -6
bandito2: Well I should make it next year... Time for me to nod off and dream too. Probably check in again next Monday. good night. Aug 31, 2015 21:38:51 GMT -6
Craig: One way or the other, next Monday is going to be interesting. Good night, Mike. Aug 31, 2015 21:41:12 GMT -6
Smorkle: Oh I hate working nights. Wanted to be here last night but I was working. I hope everyone has a good trip to the rally next week. I'll be in town most of the rally. Sept 1, 2015 14:17:49 GMT -6
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